The new CGI Studio 3.0

  • OpenGL ES 3.0 Support
  • Improved Rendering
  • Outstanding New Effects
  • Enhanced Reusability
  • Continuous Improvements

What you see is what you get!

With CGI Studio Scene Composer you visually create and animate your scene or just import from all major 3D design tools via FBX. Using the same render engine on host and on target, CGI Studio allows an accurate and immediate result verification even without target hardware.

Full workflow support from design to target

  • Import design from artist
  • Development on host
  • Verification on host
  • Easy deployment to target
  • Built-in support for performance enhancement

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CGI Studio is Socionext's hardware independent software development platform for development of hybrid 2D and 3D graphical interfaces.

The CGI Studio Environment

For the whole environment please look here or use the arrow buttons at the left and right to scroll the gallery below.

  • SC30 V02

    Scene Composer

    Scene Composer is the central tool for creating brilliant looking HMIs. [More...]

  • Cgiplayer


    The Player is used for simulation and interaction with the HMI already on the host system. [More...]

  • Analyzer


    The Analyzer is used for measuring and analyzing performance on target hardware. [More...]

  • Courier

    Courier Interaction Framework

    The Courier Interaction Framework is used for message handling and data binding between CGI Studio and any state machine. [More...]

  • 05

    Candera Graphics Engine

    Candera provides a mature and intuitive 2D/3D API for creating premium automotive HMIs. [More...]

  • I18n

    CGI Globalization Support

    CGI Globalization Support is a tooling environment for language and culture management in embedded systems. [More...]

  • Photoshopimporter

    Photoshop Importer

    Import of PSD files with the structure and exact positions of the HMI content defined in the file. [More...]

  • Assetlibraryshaper

    Asset Library Shaper

    The Asset Library Shaper allows creation and management of several Asset files. [More...]

  • Html5

    HTML 5 Module

    The HTML 5 module offers the possibility to integrate an external webkit with a CGI Studio application. [More...]

  • Iso26262 Neutral

    ISO 26262 Module

    This module for functional safety enables ISO 26262 validated rendering for functional critical components in the car. [More...]

  • Matlabvisualstate

    State Machine Connector

    The State Machine Connector allows connection of modeling tools with CGI Studio. [More...]

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